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Kart Specifications

To achieve the ultimate karting experience the combination of race track and karts is crucial.


Our fleet of modern karts from British manufacturer BIZ improves on our old fleet in some vital areas. Whilst we have been running BIZ karts for well over a decade the new fleet feature some very important improvements which make them not only an excellent drive but safe too.

At Wessex Raceway we have created one of the largest indoor tracks in Europe, designed to ensure maximum speed for our kart fleet, whether its 40mph for Cadets or 50mph for Adults.

New adult fleet

For adults Wessex Raceway has 270cc BIZ  Karts with the latest safety and comfort innovations, lower emissions and top speeds of 50mph! They are powered by Liquid Propane Gas and have the latest catalytic technology built into the engines so that particulate emissions are vastly reduced when compared to petrol.

Seats and pedals are both fully adjustable which means that these karts will accommodate drivers of all sizes, plus the abundance of power means that larger drivers are no longer at a disadvantage when racing with light weight competitors.

New Cadet Fleet

For our younger racers we have new BIZ Cadet karts, which are both safe and fast. With our 160cc petrol engines these karts will do 40mph on our massive track. They are also fully adjustable although we recommend a minimum height of 130cm as a guideline for drivers who are new to the track.

Rather than limit the karts automatically (as some track will) we focus on training individuals to be able to handle the machine with confidence on their own. As an indication of how well these karts work, the current cadet lap record is only 1 second less than the adult one- and that was set by a 9 year old!


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Office Opening Times

Wessex Raceway is open throughout the week, but session times will vary depending on the size and age of your group. It is important that you contact us to find out if we are open for your kind of karting.

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