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Track Specifications

Our track is now even wider, longer and faster than it was before with no rain or weather worries!

From the very beginning over 16 years ago, the track at Wessex Raceway was designed so that all drivers are equal, no matter how heavy or how young. With the new 270cc adult kart fleet this means that the largest drivers or cadets in smaller karts can still get within 1 second of the lap-record!

Wessex Raceway has a unique 700-metre indoor asphalt track, free of pillars with no ramps or bridges - which allows ALL our adult karts to reach a maximum speed of over 50 miles per hour!

Removing ramps and bridges was a conscious decision so that heavier drivers would not lose out to their lighter competitors. More weight into the corner means more traction and higher speeds so that even drivers over 20 stone have been known to achieve lap times within 1 second of the lap record!

The track surface is composed of a racing grade Asphalt compound which provides drivers with tonnes of grip as the negotiate some of our faster corners. With a straight of over 100m in length and a minimum width of 4 karts at any point this track has been designed with speed in mind.

Since 2012 the Wessex Raceway track has incorporated some of the same high quality safety material that can be found in world famous tracks like Silverstone. This makes the track much wider than was previously possible and at the same time improves it’s integrity when subjected to high speed impacts.

Our F1 Timing System logs your kart's progress as you race around the track and is accurate to within 1000th of a second! All drivers are supplied with up to date timing on their performance and data that can be taken away at the end of the session to be framed.

Unlike some karting centres we offer freshly-laundered race suits and balaclavas for each event.

Track Plan

Our "proper" racing surface requires that you drive around the track rather than slide, pick your braking points and know when to overtake.....

A visit to Wessex Raceway is much closer to an outdoor racing experience but without having to worry about the weather.


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Office Opening Times

Wessex Raceway is open throughout the week, but session times will vary depending on the size and age of your group. It is important that you contact us to find out if we are open for your kind of karting.

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