Mini Grand Prix

The race for groups who want an outright winner.

At Wessex Raceway, we have bowed to customer pressure and replaced the dated Grand Prix format with better, more popular formats that please everyone in the group.

For an alternative format,  8-13 drivers in a Sprint Race costs £50 per driver and gets you 5 minutes more tracktime, whilst a 40 minute Team Endurance race gets you similar kart time  as a GP for just £40!!

Combat & Karting
A massive 700m, 50mph karting track combined with a breathtaking combat experience with the very latest guns and no worries about the weather. Plus it's all on one site!


20% discount available to Armed Forces, MOD and Emergency Service groups.


Contact the Wessex Raceway team today to discuss your event and make a booking.


 01725 519 010


Office Opening Times

Wessex Raceway is open throughout the week, but session times will vary depending on the size and age of your group. It is important that you contact us to find out if we are open for your kind of karting.

To find out more and discuss your event, get in touch with us today on 01725 519 010