Private Team Endurance Races

Our most popular event format! Ideal for groups of 14 to 70 racers, Wessex Raceway offers an exciting range of Team Races for those who want everyone to enjoy their event.

Endurance races feature a qualifying session with each driver trying to get the fastest lap time for their team. Generally events are based around 5 minutes per driver during qualifying.

After qualifying, the main race session sees each team swapping over drivers throughout the event- the team that does the most laps wins! Most events are structured around 25 minutes of tracktime per driver, however it is possible increase the tracktime by reducing the number of drivers in each team.

This type of event gets you the most tracktime and is also the most sociable type of race format. Endurances work well for Corporate, Stag, Army and even School groups but if you have specific requirements please get in touch.

All events are for 7-12 teams of 2 or more.

Available Team Endurance race formats are:

  • 10 minute qualification plus 40 minute race
    £84 per kart [2 drivers]
  • 10-15 minute qualification plus 60 minute race
    £105 per kart [2/3 drivers]
  • 15-20 minute qualification plus 90 minute race
    £148 per kart [3/4 drivers]
  • 20-25 minute qualification plus 120 minute race
    £190 per kart [4/5 drivers]

Each Team Endurance is valid for 7 -12 karts.

20% discount available to Armed Forces, MOD and Emergency Service groups.

Inside The Square

Combat & Karting
A massive 700m, 50mph karting track combined with a breathtaking combat experience with the very latest guns and no worries about the weather. Plus it's all on one site and there are discounts too!


Contact the Wessex Raceway team today to discuss your event and make a booking.


 01725 519 010


Office Opening Times

Wessex Raceway is open throughout the week, but session times will vary depending on the size and age of your group. It is important that you contact us to find out if we are open for your kind of karting.

Virtual Warfare next door to our track, featuring the very latest hi-tech infra-red guns and 11,000 sq. ft of breathtaking indoor battlespace. 5 weapon types simulate submachine guns, rifles, machine guns, airstrikes, radioactive bombs and sniper rifles. With no aged paintball markers and no hidden costs, Virtual Warfare is combat games for the 21st century.

Add Virtual Warfare to your karting event for as little as £15pp, or go large and spend the whole day with us on a Saturday for £65 including karting, combat and lunch.

For more information fill out an enquiry form or call us on:  01725519010

To find out more and discuss your event, get in touch with us today on 01725 519 010